What I Do

What I Can Do For You

I conduct a lot of Research before I create Personas so that I can map out the Journeys people take before, during and after a visit to a website, an application, or any other touchpoint. The output becomes Information Architecture which then feeds into Wireframes.

My wireframes are often built as HTML Prototypes in order to practically illustrate how a website will be Responsive (or adaptive, or fluid, or fixed). This is Experience Design.

I write content plans, and sometimes the content itself, as well as create the Web Design of key pages and elements. This feeds into a my build kit which I then use to Front End Code the website, before plugging it into Wordpress or a similar Back End system.

After that, I carry out User Research to optimise and improve the website.

I’ve been doing these things since 1998, and I’ve become very good at them. I can focus on one specialist area, or I can do the whole thing in order to solve your problem.

How I Do It

I’ve worked in teams
I really enjoy working in teams, and use my years of practical experience to set an atmosphere of hard work, respect and honesty within a project.
I’ve managed teams
I’ve been in charge of small teams at digital agencies, and I’ve encouraged people to focus on improving their existing competencies whilst also developing related skills which augment their abilities.
I’ve led teams
I’ve taken charge of teams on client pitches and projects, and been the key man delivering the presentation of work to clients. I’ve chosen team members for specific projects, and set the goals and visions for those teams.

Who I’ve done it for

These are some of the clients I’ve worked with:

Nike, Manchester United, Wembley National Stadium, Welcome to Yorkshire: Tour de France, Goal.com, LA Fitness.
ADT, Anglian Windows, Harris Tweed, Green Flag, Armitage Shanks: The Blue Book, Vodkat, Teacher Rubber Stamps, Wagg Dog Food, THS Tools.
Lloyds TSB, Halifax Bank, Provident Financial Group, Bank of Scotland.
Graduate Jobs, Northern Rail, Showcase Cinema, JLA, Derry Jazz Festival, Whizz Go.
Virgin Holidays, Emirates, Jet2, Teletext Holidays, Virgin Atlantic, Travel.com.
Alfa Romeo Social Network, Homes & Communities Academy, Leeds Data Mill, Bucktons, Equestrian.com, Bezier Retail News.
Stuncroft, Brook Taverner, Rare Pear.
William Hill.
Government / Official
The University of Leeds, Planning Office: Planning Portal, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Gas Safe.
Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Ada Lovelace Day.
Gecko, Linkdex, John Taylor (Duran Duran).